Divorce by AgreementTM

Is the destructiveness and devastation of a divorce, life partner break-up, social family break-up, post divorce modification or enforcement proceeding truly inevitable? There is a better way. Many couples have already agreed on getting a divorce or a social family break up and just need help in resolving some of their financial, child and family issues, either by negotiating themselves or with the help of their attorneys. Those in post divorce or post judgement proceedings can resolve their issues with the same professional help. Through professional mediation, we can help … more

The P-E-A-C-E  ProcessSM

The P-E-A-C-E  ProcessSM refers to the focus in mediation on five major issues, some or all of which need to be discussed and resolved in the mediation session:

Parental Rights●Equitable Distribution●Alimony●Child Support●Everything Else

The P-E-A-C-E ProcessSM is utilized in pending divorce cases; post  judgement enforcement and modification matters and prefiling and pro se (self- represented matters)   The process assures that the discussion completes the consideration of all contemplated issues along with “Everything Else”, so that whether it’s a divorce, break up of a social family or post judgement matter, all issues are considered and the parties can move on.


With my attorney

Even if you are represented by legal counsel (and many invidivduals have situations which ONLY an attorney should handle), ultimately the court will require you attend mediation. You have nothing to loose by going to mediation with your attorneys counsel and guidance. Talking tends to resolve hositility and issues.

Pre-Filing Mediation

Whether represented by an attorney or not, Pre-Filing mediation gives you the chance to resolve the matter and preserve assets instead of going to court. It is all confidential, and if no agreement is reached there is no impact on your case!

Self Help & Pro Se Mediation

If you decide not to hire an attorney, but the parties require mediation services to help figure out what to do, and to prepare the necessary court approved forms, we offer several ways we can help Pro Se, even from a distance.

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